Past, present and future - Life as the big picture.

We are a Kansas City based creative production company. Our work is diverse, but converges around an artful blend of form and content. Whether our work is promoting, training or entertaining, we implement the same passion and devotion to move

the viewer.




That's right; we are passionate about what we do. No other medium is more like our dreams, and we take that very seriously. As articulators of dreams, what we put on the screen comes with the most important accountability. For our clients and for the audience we owe nothing but the best.




INVERSION’S flexibility and shared approach means each project has boundless potential. We are in every project as a team, and all those ideas and all that creativity converge together to form the best possible work. For INVERSION, it is about past, present and future -- life as the big picture. It is about inspiring and transforming people, providing something of substance and culture, and above all, doing it with integrity and as a community.




This is what we do. You would not be embarking on this project if you were not familiar with, and believers in, the culture-shaping enterprise of storytelling. Video and film are, without question, the dominant medium of storytelling today. Its ability to transport us to another place, to have empathy for others and their struggles, its capacity to move, inspire and challenge us,

remains unparalleled.




Having a clear and compelling message is vital to connecting with your audience. At INVERSION, we always work closely with our clients to map-out a strategic goal to begin the process of finding their message. This is where the journey begins.  With many ways to achieve these goals, we bring  an open mind and let the creativity flow.  When strategy, storytelling and technology unite they give our clients value and their audience meaning.




Even though we purposely try not to place limits on what we can provide our clients, most creative companies have a list of capabilities - here are some of ours: Strategy and planning, content creation and management, branding and storytelling, digital and experience design, video and film production, web design and web development, script writing and copy writing,

graphic design and layout, illustration and photography, and event production.

Want to know more about us? Send an email to info@inversion.tv and we would be glad to

continue the conversation.



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